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NFTs in Education and Skills-Development
NFTs in Education and Skills-Development

NFTs in Education and Skills-Development

No matter where you are in your journey, you are probably always learning something new. Perhaps one of those things is that something called an NFT exists. And not only exists, but is becoming more and more relevant in our society. What’s an NFT? Take a look at 

As of today, you probably have heard of NFTs. Maybe you just started seeing them in the past few months. Maybe you have known about them for a while. In any instance, NFTs are still developing and as a whole we are discovering their immense potential in many types of business functions, from supply chain to marketing and everything in between.

One place that NFTs are proving to hold incredible value is in education, including professional development and training. Here are ways that NFTs add value to the educational sector and students of all degrees. 

High School and Extracurricular

Applying to college, showing off your portfolio of work, and getting credit for all of your extracurricular activities becomes easier with NFTs. Once a school system has converted to an NFT system, issuing NFTs to current students becomes a normal part of the process. Already graduated? Schools can issue retroactive NFTs based on a student’s request or they can systematically assign for a certain number of years back.

Types of information NFTs can hold from a high school:

  • Diplomas​

  • Student records​

  • Testing results​

  • Student portfolios

  • Extracurricular activities (study abroad, yearbook, etc.,)​

Community College, Trade School, University

Some of these might overlap with high school, such as needing your transcript to apply to graduate school, or showing off a portfolio. If you’ve ever tried to track down your transcripts, you know this process could be easier–and cheaper. Imagine if you didn’t have to pay to obtain your own records? But instead, proof of all of your activities is in one simple badge of college honor.

NFTs issued from colleges can hold:

  • Official transcripts​

  • Proof of experience (internships)

  • Research, special projects, etc.,

  • Awards and recognitions

  • Portfolios

  • Certifications (trade school)​

Professional Development

Learning never stops. Many people find themselves wanting to further their education and careers through professional development and certification. Others need to obtain credits to advance, and sometimes stay in, their careers. While others consistently need to update their portfolios with work to showcase their career repertoire.

NFTs have value for professional by highlighting accomplishments, such as:

  • Certifications (software, credentials, completed trainings, etc.,)​

  • Technician certifications (mechanics, electricians, plumbers, etc.,)

  • Continuing education credits​

  • Validation of work achievements (published papers, research, design portfolios, etc.,)​

  • Resumes

  • College courses after graducation

What’s Next?

NFTs might not be on your radar as a business or personal staple but they are proving to be a secure and reliable way to transfer documents and confidential information. Beyond that, they are also becoming very useful in marketing and elevating your customer experience. If you are wanting to learn more, contact us for a free consultation.