Managing Director

Chris Spears

With twenty years as a marketing technology entrepreneur, Chris has been at the forefront of technologies that impact the human experience.  With a shift to blockchain technologies, Chris is now focused on providing more on privacy, security and transparency to businesses and consumers. 

His goal is to support organizations, helping them learn and grow, and showing them how blockchain technology can benefit both company and consumer. He is passionate about giving the individual back control over their data, and expanding the decentralized nature of everything in the blockchain category. Chris is a father of 2, and splits his time with the kids between board games and the outdoors.

Jake Weaver

Jake has over twenty years of focused technology experience, from his first coding book at 16 to learning complex problem solving through technology at Accenture to successfully managing several of his own tech-focused companies. His passion is to help companies ready themselves for the future and ensure technology and software are being used to greatly enhance human potential.




Operations Lead

Justin Moore

“To lead is to serve.
To help others is to win.”

– Robin Sharma (Author of The 5AM Club)

Justin  is passionate about customer discovery.  In 2020, a newfound passion for utilizing decentralized tactics to empower individuals and organizations, led him to the crypto/blockchain world. 

Today, he works with clients to incorporate blockchain into their operations to improve the human experience. A job well done is a happy, informed, and confident client. Justin is also a Lacrosse Coach and an avid traveler.