Blockchain Technology Evangelists!
We are at the start of a tech change equivalent to the internet.  Are you going to miss it again?

ImproveHX offers you a unique opportunity to quickly get up to speed on everything you need to know about blockchain and corresponding technology and trends. Empowering you to make mission-critical decisions about the future of your business, as well as preparing you to speak savvily and eloquently in any situation.


The Metaverse may sound like a fantasy or someplace your kids play virtual tennis–instead of going outside–but it's actually a viable tactic for your marketing program. The Metaverse is growing in popularity quickly amongst consumers and it is being shown that the new level of customer experience may well be in the Metaverse.



While cryptocurrency itself is not necessarily a marketing tactic, it can be used as a customer reward, used by customers to obtain promotional goods and services, or used to make payments in general.



Blockchain technology is proving to be a viable solution for business, but it's not just for your supply chain. Marketing campaigns, in-person and virtual events, loyalty programs, advertising and more can benefit greatly from blockchain–and are an easier way in.



NFTs are a distinctive way to captivate your audience and bring about new brand visibility–elevating your company and bringing it into the future of business–today.



What we do.

Education and Advisory services to help you get the most out distributed ledger technology and derivative work such as blockchain, crypto currency, NFTs, Metaverse, Web3.

Education; lunch and learns to multiday sessions, we will work with you to prepare a educational plan that gives your team a good personal understanding and real business application by industry and department.

Advisory; we operate as a think tank and program management office to help you define your test and learn strategy and help source the resources necessary to execute the defined strategy.  


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Improve HX empowers leaders to step into the future of business. We provide agencies ways to bring the best technology solutions to their clients.

We are guided by a desire to bring new technologies and ideas to executives, without hassle, a large time commitment, or needing anything but the desire to learn and grow.

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